Be Like Dwight

Dwight Goodman, everyone’s favorite personal assistant and ENDWI spokesman returns in our latest TV spot. Looks like lots of folks have followed Dwight’s lead and are doing their part to end drunk driving. Boom!

Client: NMDOT

Be Like Dwight: The Intervention

How far would you go to stop a drunk person from driving? Here’s what happens when you use a little Dwight Goodman style.

Client: NMDOT

Deadly Conversation

Texting while driving can have deadly consequences. Here is the director’s cut of our new TV spot, part of the latest DNTXT campaign for NMDOT.

Client: NMDOT

Coolness in the Classroom

As part of the MyInstead campaign to prevent underage drinking, we created these totally rad notebooks. They’re filled with great information that kids can use to make good decisions when confronted with the choice to try alcohol.

Client: NMDOT

Get Smart. Smart about safety, that is.

A recent campaign for our client Metrolink focused on rail safety. We created a mascot named Smarty, who helped spread the message of how to stay safe around railroad tracks and while riding on board a train.

Client: Metrolink

Vintage Albuquerque

VWK has been a proud creative partner with Albuquerque’s premiere wine and dining event for several years. This particular poster highlighted a celebration of the wonderful cuisine and fine wines of Spain. ¡Olé!

Client: Vintage Albuquerque

The Clock is Ticking

Our latest effort for the NMDOT to combat the drunk driving problem in New Mexico.
It’s time for all of us to join the fight to
finally ENDWI.

Client: NMDOT

Meet Me at the Fair

For a second year, we featured the comic stylings of local internet video sensation “Lynette” in a series of TV commercials.
With this year’s focus being on the 75th
year of the fair, we decided to tap into
a bit of “family history” and highlight the
cross-generational appeal of the highly anticipated, annual event. Keep an eye
out for the Human Cannonball!

Client: New Mexico State Fair

Ride Like Dwight… Boom!

A recent campaign for NMDOT introduced New Mexico viewers to the world’s preeminent personal assistant, Dwight Goodman. Making sure drivers were safe, sober, undistracted and buckled up kept Dwight busy throughout the summer. He handled the job with aplomb, don’t you think?

Client: NMDOT

Rolling with DJ Eazy-Cruze

Celebrating the sights and sounds of old school, SoCal hip hop, we created this music video for our client, Metro. We helped introduce the “Transponder,” an in-the-car device created to give commuters the choice to access a new express lane option. “Fast track, Transponder, gonna change your life.”

Client: Metro (Los Angeles County MTA)

Hot diggity dawg!

Our creative tails were wagging over the
opportunity to help create the visual identity
for Albuquerque’s newest hot dog restaurant,
Urban Hotdog Company. These delicious dogs
have become a big hit, winning “Best of”
culinary honors from numerous local publications. We are proud to have been able
to to help launch this successful new brand.

Client: Urban Hotdog

All the Pretty Horses

VWK loves our clients, whether they be
of the two-legged or four-legged variety.
Our design work for a local animal feed
and supply shop really lets us stretch our creative wings.

Client: Horsemen’s Feed & Supply

London Calling

VWK was able to assist our friends at IHS with this piece of video advertising that was placed at Heathrow Airport in London, England. Strategically timed to coincide with a world conference in Denver, these video displays were meant to reach conference attendees from their points of departure. Related content was also placed in arrival airport terminals in the US.

Client: IHS


Sometimes it’s just the promise of a blank sheet of paper and a world of possibility that gets our blood flowing. This internally produced magazine gave us the space to explore a wide-range of design challenges, while trying to please our harshest critcs: ourselves.

Client: “Gutter” Internal Promotion


Our award-winning TV spot for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. Featuring stunning special effects and cinematography, we explore the human costs of DWI in a most dramatic fashion.

Client: NMDOT

NM Advantage

We know first hand the challenges, and the rewards of doing business in New Mexico. Who better then, to work with the State Department of Economic Development to produce and execute a strategic campaign to convince businesses to relocate here?

Client: NMPartnership

Extra Credit

VWK was enlisted by the financial giant to develop a set of brochures and booklets meant to educate Citi customers on the wise management of their credit. By presenting easily confusing subject matter in a simple way, VWK showed that good design could be worth its weight in gold.

Client: Citi Cards

A Unique Destination

Our neighbors to the north tapped our creative experts to help promote their city as a top travel destination to a worldwide audience. We even coined a term to describe a getaway to the “City Different,” enticing visitors to take a “Santa Fe-cation.”

Client: Santa Fe Convention & Visitors Bureau

Getting Personal

Bresnan, a regional telecommunication service provider, needed a way to stand out from the crowd of national competition. By playing to the core strengths of the company, VWK developed a compelling ad campaign touting their outstanding customer service, focussing on the real people at both ends of the phone line.

Client: Bresnan

Tag. You’re it!

VWK created this beautifully letterpressed tag for fashion designer Penny Singer. It speaks to the quality and sophistication of the line of clothing from which it hangs.

Client: Legends Santa Fe